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Chris Dorland interviewed in his New Jersey studio in May 2018. The interview covers his art practice, influences, struggles, materials, his role as director and founder of Magenta Plains gallery, NYC and his recent show at Aetopoulos Gallery, Athens..Christ Dorland Gallery Plains


A Moment of Eternal Noise weaves together samples, field recordings, interviews and tracks taken from recent cultural events, new music releases and audio archives.

This months highlights include Ligeti’s Metronome performance at the British library, Brian Eno on why not too get a job, Sigur Ros’s new project Route One, Ruben Östlund’s film The Square, Bill Murray, Jonathan Wilson and classic Nino Rota. Photo features Bill Murray and Karlheinz Stockhausen.

This months mix also includes a new feature The Random Track of Kindness. Here we play a random(ish) track dedicated to a person who performed a random altruistic act – such as buying a random stranger coffee. Did you witness such an act today? If so please email the radio station so I can feature it on future shows.

Tracks, excerpts and samples include…

Stockhausen on human evolution
Struktur II, Karlheinz Stockhausen
Tired of Getting Pushed around, 2 Men and A Drum
The Square, Film Trailer
How to act like an ape, Terry Notary
The Radom Track of Kindness – I think were alone now, The Rubinoos
Piano Solo from the movie Plein Soleil (Purple Noon), Nino Rota
Poème symphonique, György Ligeti
Genetically (Central Processing Unit), Nadia Struiwigh
Mod 9EX, Andreas Gursky and Ritchie Hawtin
Don’t get a job, Brian Eno
Sigur Rós – Route One
Talk excerpt, Richard Evans and Brian Dawn Chalkey
Memories of You, Benny Goodman
Over the Midnight, Jonathan Wilson



After talking to Brian Dawn Chalkley about contributing to a show for our project space FLAT:TWO he invited himself around my studio and bought the entire Chelsea M.A. with him. We recorded the interview and here it is in it’s entirety discussing the struggles and successes of making work. Covering all the important chapters of my career from studying at Chelsea to showing in commercial galleries, moving to New York and running project spaces. Image is The Ship project space on Cable street in 2002.